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Space frame steel structure to promote the development of the sustainable residential

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JiangSu HUAHAI STEEL STRUCTURE CO., a large professional steel space frame and steel structure company which enjoys great prestige across industries in both domestic and abroad . Business scope: stainless steel space frame, steel grid, light steel structure, tube joint truss structure, membrane
structure, stainless sculpture, road guardrail, outdoor steel structure products and so on.Xuzhou Huahai covers the whole procedure of the project: consultation, design, manufacture, installation, supervision and service. Now by Xuzhou huahai to introduce promoting the  environmentally friendly building materials  sustainable development of residential steel structure.
As Green consumption gradually occupy the mainstream residential building of producers and consumers are put forward for building materials safety, health, environmental protection requirements. Therefore, the use of clean production technology, reduce the use of natural resources and energy, heavy use of pollution-free, no pollution, no radiation, beneficial to environmental protection and human health of environmental protection building materials, is the inevitable trend of housing development.

Compared with the traditional building materials, to make new steel structure building materials not only can reduce the consumption of natural resources and energy consumption, and can make a lot of industrial waste to reasonable development and utilization; New building materials not only won't cause pollution to the human survival environment, but is good for the health of human body, help to improve the building function, mouldproof, sound insulation, heat insulation, sterilization, temperature, humidity, light, flame retardant, deodorant, prevent radiation, anti-static, such as seismic action; Create new building materials not only can use without environmental pollution caused by the production technology, and in the product after the end of its service life, also can be used as renewable resources use, not form a new waste foreign body.

According to the general point of view, and life cycle energy consumption of building materials include: building materials production, building operations, disintegration of daily use, the structure of the demolition of buildings, energy consumption of building materials recycling, etc. Processing more meticulous and manufacturing processes more complex products and materials, usually consume more energy in the production process. In general, the durability of the better material, the less cause indoor pollution. Green architects tend to use local materials, reduce the use of metal, concrete such as high degree of processing, large energy consumption of building materials; On-site processing, reduce the use of metal, concrete such as high degree of processing, building materials, energy consumption to redevelop short-lived comsumption of waste materials. Selection and processing (such as paint, reprocessing, waterproof fire prevention, etc.) less building materials, or to choose the minimum environmental impact on the maintenance is only the material. In addition, the change of the functional requirements, use the time limit, the needs of the development of city, and so on are likely to need building demolition or modification. If the design for the dismantled, can regeneration and recycling of materials play a considerable help. Active use of recycled building materials, can reduce the pressure of the landfill and save natural resources. Buildings to use after the deadline, the material should be able to natural degradation or conversion.
Building materials production of the earth's environment and reduce the negative impact of the ecological balance. Modern large scale of social economic development, infrastructure construction, building materials of the production and use on the one hand, for mankind to build a colorful and convenient life facilities, but at the same time, its development is at the cost of the excessive consumption of energy and environmental pollution. Environmental building materials should be better durability, ease of maintenance management, do not send out or rarely send out harmful material, of course, at the same time also to take into account other aspects of the features, such as artistic effect. In order to achieve the goal of sustainable development, the building materials of the negative effects on the environment control within a minimal, need to develop the pollution-free technology, clean production and environmentally friendly building materials.
The development of environmentally friendly building materials in China have begun to start, new building materials in the aspect of environmental protection and energy conservation plays an important role, these materials will be able to actively cope with the challenges of the natural environment. Are to be believed, vigorously promote environmentally friendly building materials, use of modern high-tech means to carry on the design, residential construction to realize the sustainable development will gradually become a reality.

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