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1. Accounting supervisor
Accounting major, college degree or above; -has an accountant qualification certificate, accounting experience 3 years, has the good communication skill, initiative, have a strong sense of responsibility and good professional ethics.
Salary: negotiable

2. Small project management division
College graduate or above, major in related hold qualification certificate, more than one year steel structure industry field construction management experience, bears hardships and stands hard work.
Salary: negotiable

3. Level 2 build division
Building or related professional college degree or above, minimum 3 years site construction experience, more than one year steel structure project all independent operation experience, with secondary teacher qualification certificates related to build
Salary: negotiable

4. Steel structure design personnel
College degree or above in related civil, hold relevant qualification certificate, 3 years or more light steel or chongqing steel and abnormity steel structure of the sample figure design experience, master drawing software and detailed design software;
Drawings express clear, strong 3 d space imagination; Can finish a project the detailed design work.
Salary: negotiable

5. Steel structure production personnel
Careful meticulous, sense of responsibility, has the high work enthusiasm and good team work spirit, willing to in the long-term development of the enterprise;
Strong communication skills, ability to work independently; A healthy body, the bear hardships and stand hard work.
Salary: negotiable
The above personnel once employ universal access to company's benefits, treatment and learning opportunities.


Address:  Jiangsu xuzhou high-tech development zone industrial park of minjiang river road No. 1
Contact:  general manager ZhiYong Jiang
The telephone number: 13852483938
Fax: 86 516 83967868
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