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First of all, on behalf of jiangsu HuaHaiGang network frame structure engineering co., LTD. Welcome you the presence, to support my heartfelt thanks to all of our company! Very happy to be able to bring friends to visit jiangsu HuaHaiGang structure sites and our greetings, your attention is our source power of jiangsu HuaHaiGang structure rack company growth.

 Law gradually back chunhui, vientiane before updating. We suck up the result of China's march, draws on maternal feeding, in the branches of a new leaf, the season of vibrant, undertake with infinite good hope and vision, HuaHaiGang structure like a budding flower buds came to your side, is too small, but reveal to truth, to pure. Is for the young, but it paved to affection, love, when you open this web page, listening to the is bearing the weight of huahai people - the heart words of temperature.

 Jiangsu HuaHaiGang structure co., LTD., founded in 2003, from scratch, since the childhood, in technological innovation, production, marketing and technical service to achieve the spanning development.

Jiangsu HuaHaiGang network frame structure engineering construction co., LTD. Is specialized in the spatial grid, carbon steel, stainless steel rack, welding net, dry coal shed, rack, rack accessories, light steel structure, light steel villa, solar photovoltaic stents, outdoor steel structure products such as power plant boiler steel structure engineering consulting, design, production, construction, installation and technical support services, is a collection of international design, procurement, production, installation, trade, service in the integration of large enterprises. Ten years of experience in processing steel structure project, is the best and most professional, the optimal project of xuzhou region, the price is the lowest one of spatial steel structure engineering construction company.

Since its establishment, we are always adhering to the "pursuit of excellence, innovation" spirit of enterprise, adhere to the "quality first, customer first, pay attention to credibility, abide by the contract" of the enterprise culture; Follow the "heartfelt solidarity, safety, high quality, efficient" management idea; Sets up "do a project, make one side friend, tree a monument, to keep the customers satisfaction" of the enterprise values; Uphold the "quality is life, innovation is the blood, the good faith is the soul" concept of production, efforts to set up good reputation in the fierce market competition. Committed to providing industries producing high quality products and services. With our many years of experience accumulation, our professional and constant innovation, our integrity and quality service, obtained the customer consistent affirmation and praise, and won the excellent reputation for the enterprise. Huahai rack heavy credit commitment, shaped the high-end image of the enterprise.

Company has xuzhou huahai stainless steel rack factory, steel structure factory, jiangsu HuaHaiGang rack design institute, jiangsu su hai industry &trade co., LTD. Adhere to the "quality first, customer first, create a win-win" business principles, in order to market demand-oriented, science and technology innovation as the power, the quality is supreme, the good faith the performance for the guidelines, as always, with domestic and overseas design, trade, scientific research, construction units and the social from all walks of life friend sincere cooperation, hand in hand advance together, based on the domestic and international steel market, dedicated to the development of China's structural steelwork, rack to provide first-class management, products and services. Trying to become internationalization of structural steelwork, rack design solutions advocate; Structural steelwork, rack the pioneers of the national high and new technology industry base; Structural steelwork, rack, the integration of international advanced manufacturing technology; Structural steelwork, rack the international first-class installation technology enabler. The good design, production, construction, installation of each level, be responsible for the customer, to create excellent project.

Jiangsu HuaHaiGang network frame structure engineering construction co., LTD. Will use quality to the interpretation, let technology to read, make management to interpret. Huahai person will be full of confidence to meet the Chinese steel industry in the international network frame steel structure on the market more brilliant tomorrow. We promised to "strive for perfection of the construction, meticulous manufacture, perfect engineering design, perfect after-sales service" to meet the requirements of customers, with sincerity, credit, quality, service to the customers.

This year, we walk with the trials and challenges; This year, we walk with the responsibility and mission; This year, we walk with the glory and pride. In the face of the steel structure industry good development prospects and opportunities, the company strict management, heavy contract, keep prestige, elaborate organization, careful management, careful construction, with rich experience in steel structure construction, first-class service quality, build the pursuit of the life dream for you, for you to build the future career towards the ladder of success.


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