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The sequence for the erection of the space frame purlin:Erection of the
purlin support→Erection of the main purlin→erection of the secondary purlin.
1 Fasten the purlin support onto the bolt ball of the space frame in accordance with its number marked by the drawing,fastening it tightly and levelling it.As the top of the dome is rather flat,and highly leakable, heighten the last three circles of purlin suppor proportionately,increase the degree of the slope,raise the top for 150mm, and raise the second circle for 100mm ,and the third ring for 50mm.
2 Fasten the connecting board of the principal purlin to the principal purlin with the bolt.Adjust the principal purlin to the right position as design requests,and weld it onto the purlin support with the connecting board. The folded edges of the main purlin must face the same direction according to requirement,after the welding is finished,fasten the connecting bolt tightly
by twisting it.
3. Fasten the connecting bar of the subpurlin to the two ends of the subpurlin with the bolt,and then fasten it to the corresponding principal purlin in order of the number marked by the drawing
4.After erection is finished,all the purlins should be
flattened,straightened,fastened,and then repaint the welded part

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