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Huahai rack introduce team work need to overcome difficulties

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Most people are enthusiastic praise, but why is smooth and efficient cooperation is so rare? Simply put, cooperation is dangerous, there are eight specific reason:

First, don't know the answer. Cooperation will go beyond a single field or profession, which means that each participant was to bear a certain degree of ignorance, and most people would see themselves as an expert in the field.

Second, the role is not clear or uncomfortable. Cooperation condition often is not a fixed hierarchical roles and responsibilities and this is especially difficult for executives, because that could mean they from the decider to become part of the process.

Third, the more said than done. Cooperation means from pure macro thinking to consider chaotic reality problem, and looking for real solution to the problem with others. So the organization to spend more time are preliminary discussed.

Fourth, share information (too much). Cooperation is dependent on the information sharing, but for some people may be too much information, for others, to hide information can retain power.

Fifthly, afraid to fight. Cooperation means to give priority to solve the contradiction, if you don't know how to effectively avoid conflicts or arguments, to have a cooperation.

Its six, more work. Usually cooperation is higher than other work priorities. Participants tend to be terrorized by the daily work and cooperation projects will make people more nervous.

Its seven, hug is more than the decision. Cooperation always requires teamwork or democratic communication, but the lack of guidance from leaders and employees to obey, just bonhomie and unable to meet the needs of the organization.

The eight, it is difficult to know whom praised who criticized. Determine the success of the cooperation projects focus on results, and it is difficult to measure individual efforts.

It must be pointed out that the cooperation is not completely suitable for every organization or per case. Research has shown that it is more suitable for the organization needs to solve the problems caused by different business fields intersect.

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