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Thick coated steel structure fire retardant coating design and construction method

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Thick coated steel structure fire retardant coating spray appropriate USES compression type sprayer, the air pressure is 0.4 ~ 0.6 MPa, appropriate is 6 ~ 10 mm gun mouth diameter. Proportion of ingredients should be in strict accordance with the charging or add diluent, and the consistency is appropriate, distribution and use.

Spraying construction should be complete, every time the appropriate coating thickness for 5 ~ 10 mm, must be in basic dry again before or after curing, after spraying again. Coating protection way, the coating times and coating thickness should be according to the requirement of construction design.

Construction process, the operator should use coating thickness thickness needle detection, until meet the requirements of design thickness, can stop spraying. After spraying coating, should eliminate the mastoid, ensure uniform flat and level.

When there is one of the following situations fireproofing coating, spray heavy:

(1) drying curing coating is not good, not firm bonding or pulverization, empty drum, fall off.

(2) steel structure joint coating has obvious sag, the corner.

(3) coating surface laitance or when the crack width is greater than 1.0 mm.

(4) the coating thickness is less than the design thickness of 85%, or 85% of the thickness of coating thickness is greater than the design rules, but did not reach regulation long continuous area of the thickness of the coating

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