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Network frame steel structure welding technology of thinking

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Xuzhou rack - Jiangsu xuzhou huahai rack co., LTD. Is a company in the industry enjoys high reputation both inside and outside of the stainless steel rack, steel grids, welding net, light steel villa, solar photovoltaic stents and steel structure professional company. Below by xuzhou huahai company to steel structure welding technology development and thinking.

As the electronic technology, especially the microelectronics technology, computer technology and the rapid development of ultrasonic wave can change technology, in recent years the emergence of ultrasonic phased array and TOFD detection technology has become the development trend of ultrasonic flaw detection.

Ultrasonic phased array, it is in a probe integrates multiple chip (e.g., 32, 64, 128), each of the chip firing time can adjust alone, by controlling the parameters such as beam axis and focus of array transducer chip to achieve the weld scan of the whole cross section.

While TOFD (diffraction time difference method) is a kind of rely on from influenza virus specimen internal structure (mainly refers to defects) "Angle" and "end" of the diffraction energy method to detect defects, round one is used to accept two broadband narrow pulse probe testing, probe relative to the weld centerline symmetrical layout. Launch probes have not focus on the longitudinal wave beam incident to the workpiece tested at a certain Angle, the part of the beam propagation along the near surface by the receive probe, part of the beam after bottom reflection was receiving probe. Receiving probe tip diffraction signal through the defect in the receiving and the time to determine the location of the defect and its height.

Based on phased array technology, which can realize to weld A, B, C and S scanning, combined with TOFD detection, weld defect can be relatively complete 3 d imaging information, typical testing interface. In general case, the test results of this method can replace X-ray imaging, and more accurate positioning, domestic airlines and the nuclear industry has been used, the effect is very good, in the west to east gas pipeline project, ultrasonic phased array inspection technology in pipeline connection weld on the detection of played an important role, but due to the equipment is expensive, therefore is widely used in construction steel structure welding test, it remains to be time.

To sum up, our country construction steel structure welding technology has made remarkable progress and development, in the physical, chemical, metallurgy, materials, electronics, computer, automatic control and so on rapid development today, with the new technology, new material, new equipment, new technology constantly emerging, our country construction steel structure manufacture and installation of the new welding technology, will be able to better and faster development, such as: new digital intelligent arc welding inverter power supply, laser welding and cutting, ultra-high voltage electron beam welding, the welding robot system, steel structure production of 4 c control technology, the computer aided design (CAD), computer aided machining (CAM), computer aided testing (CAT), computer aided evaluation (CAE), and other new technologies in construction steel structure step by step, the construction steel structure welding technology level, there will be a new situation.

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