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Inflating coating to improve the steel structure fire resistance

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Today the world's big cities, more and more architects and developers choose steel structure construction of high value or landmark buildings. Different from concrete, steel structure can fully show the design idea, reduce the load of structures, as well as provide more space available.

The subsequent challenge is how to increase the fire performance of steel structure, when the building once encountered fire, to the greatest extent reduce the threat to life. Akzo Nobel is the world's largest paint and coatings enterprises, its international brand (r) protective coatings is a world leading brand of coating. Fire prevention, business development manager of akzo Nobel asia-pacific Pan Ming jie told reporters, for fire protection of steel structure, the expansion of the advanced coating technology is a kind of feasible solutions.

Steel is also afraid of the fire

Pan Ming jie said that under the temperature of 400 ° C, the strength of the steel frame structure to reduce (depending on the load), the temperature reaches 600 ° C, the bending strength of structural steel will be reduced by half. Building indoor fire often produce very high temperatures, therefore, must ensure that all components have resistance to high temperature protection.

Specifically, in the assessment of unprotected when exposed to the fire performance of steel members, more than you need to consider the following factors: the severity of the fire, the fire load of the building and support situation, the mechanical properties (such as yield strength), the cross-sectional area of steel structure, and exposed to fire the circumference, steel, and the interaction of wall and floor as well as the thermal boundary conditions.

People used to think that when the cross section temperature of 550 ° C, no protective layer steel column will fall, when the cross section temperature of 620 ° C will lead to support without a protective layer of the floor beam to collapse. But the latest survey shows that in these temperatures, the steel will not "absolute" failure - steel structure caused by the failure of the actual temperature (often referred to as the limit temperature, or critical temperature) mainly depends on ShiGang components of fire load and support. For example an unprotected S275 specifications steel column, under the design load of established, when a 0.5% increase in load, it will be collapsed when the temperature reaches 550 ° C, it takes 13 minutes and 52 seconds; However, when a 1.5% increase in load, steel column will fall to 484 ° C, and only 11 minutes, 38 seconds to reach the temperature.

To "wear" fire shining steel

Pan Ming jay thinks, modern building with steel structure building one of the most important reason, is can satisfy the requirement of the architect aesthetics. Accordance with paint, but also offers a variety of color and luster effect, add glory for modern architecture. Considering the fire protection needs, inflating coating system is the only solution to meet these requirements.

Interchar 1120 (r) is a subsidiary of akzo Nobel international paint company's new water-based expansion type fire-retardant coating solution. This product by Chinese GB14907-2002 test, to protect steel structures in fire up to 2.5 hours. Interchar 1120 (r) does not contain volatile organic compounds (VOC) and chlorine, and more cost effective, can decrease the inflating coating construction cost per square metre. Interchar 1120 (r) to meet all kinds of steel structure of complex shape requirements, to design and make the structure of the building as much as possible to achieve the required effect, such as airports, sports venues, recreational facilities, hospitals and office buildings.

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