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The ways of Eliminating liquefaction of foundation soil subs

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Now a lot of steel space frame  project in the use of time, need to be in material and some of the details of the building construction attention on a lot of problems.
Eliminate all ground soil liquefaction subsidence of steel structure building adverse effect, can according to local conditions choose one of the following measures:
1: the encryption method, such as blunt method, sand pile vibration compaction method, the dynamic compaction method and so on, to reinforce foundation, should deal with soil liquefaction of depth to the interface, and the processing of the soil after standard penetration hammering the measured number, should be greater than the soil liquefaction critical point.
2: the deep foundation, fundamental underside embedded liquid people depth below the depth of the stability in the soil layer, should not be less than 500 mm.

3: steel structure building the pile foundation, pile end down into the liquefaction depth below the length of the stability in the soil, according to the bearing capacity of the pile should be calculated and determined, and shall not be less than the following values, excavating tall building foundation within the scope of the three all can liquefaction soil layer.

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