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Notes for the construction of steel structure or space frame

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With rapid social development, continue advancement of science and technology, Chinese enterprises are developing fast and fast. Fast, efficient, high resource utilization are the continued pursuit of the modern enterprise. The steel structure has been very popular in the construction industry among domestic and foreign enterprises of all areas. The steel structure grid Comparing with other relative types of products, its advantage is obvious by faster producing, shorter installation, much easy installation, better stability and etc. Since steel structure is increasing popularity today, its widespread use in construction has been sufficient to show its value.

There is no need of pre-bagging for space frame design and fabrication because it is different from steel beams, which is continuous on the structure and space frame is connected by hinge rod. If the space frame is not designed and fabricated according to exact situation of design stage, it will produce times force. That is to say, the installation deviation will be the key factor for the space frame, which is sensitive for the overall stability. Moreover, as design of space frame is full stress optimization, it might be ultra-stress rods with arch so normally we will do like this. Although we can consider about the deviation during the procession, the deviation of the internal force analysis can not be ignored.

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