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Xuzhou space frame steel structure reinforcement technology is outlined

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Xuzhou space frame - xuzhou huahai rack co., LTD. Is a company in the industry enjoys high reputation both inside and outside of the stainless steel rack, steel grids, welding net, light steel villa, solar photovoltaic stents and steel structure professional company. Xuzhou huahai rack company to introduce to you the following damage of steel structure and reinforcement technique measures.

Steel structure reinforcement technique measures mainly have three kinds: 1) cross section reinforcement method: along the artifacts in partial or full length to the steel reinforcement, the tent together as a whole to common force; 2) change the calculation diagram: add additional support, adjust the load distribution, reduce the level of internal force, displacement of the statically indeterminate structure bearing force, reduce the peak stress; 3) prestressed cable: the use of high strength reinforced structure weak link lasso or to improve the overall structure of the bearing capacity, stiffness and stability.

Steel structure is damaged, we must immediately find instant problem solving, at ordinary times should pay attention to the steel structure reinforcement and maintenance.

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