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The new steel structure of special glue sealing effect is good

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At present, the sunshine board has been widely used, and the most advanced sun plate steel structure special rubber sealing material KY - 307 also arises at the historic moment.

According to understand, before the greenhouse have varying degrees of leakage phenomenon, mainly concentrated in the interface lap, open valley and other parts. Investigate its reason, in addition to the construction unit is not standard operation, the performance of the greenhouse roof leakage phenomenon with its own and has a lot to do with climate change. Because of material itself produces displacement heat bilges cold shrink, plus wind load, snow load, such as external force, the general sealing material can't adapt to the roofing heat bilges cold shrink after solidification, so after a year or so of climate change will produce degumming phenomenon, cause leakage, cannot achieve permanent waterproof effect. In view of this situation, Qingdao Jiang Yu wing on applied chemistry co., LTD., has been developed by the present domestic the most competitive advantage of new waterproof materials KY - 307 steel structure special glue, solves the greenhouse roof ooze water leaking problem.

KY - 307 steel structure high follow special adhesive with excellent aging resistance, corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance and other properties, deformation and cracking adaptable for interface, especially waterproof, sealing, low temperature resistance, and to follow the most outstanding performance, its application areas including greenhouse roof system of roof sunshine board overlapping parts and installed, blower, pipe hole, etc. This kind of steel structure special glue is a lifetime not curing glue, heat bilges cold shrink to produce deformation under the condition of the sunshine board remains extremely excellent follow, there will not be degumming phenomenon; Steel structure special glue is a kind of neutral glue, no corrosion to base material, the sunshine board, glass and metal substrate adhesion strong, stretching rate is greater than 500%, completely solve leakage caused by substrate produced heat bilges cold shrink deformation; Steel structure special glue ratio is extremely high, to adapt to the temperature of 40 to 90 below zero.

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