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The rule of xuzhou space frame to improve work performance

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In work, a lot of people often suffer from time-consuming, less effective. Below by xuzhou rack - xuzhou huahai rack co., LTD. Introduce you to seven lean principles can be used for marketing activities, not only can also be used for other work and life, help you more results in a shorter time.

1. Packaging knowledge.

How from the time spent on a task has multiple returns, namely how to multiple and more effective use of our time. One suggestion is to package of knowledge, may be an article, a PPT or a recording. At the appropriate time, the packaged product knowledge reuse, can put on the blog (blog), can be published in the print media. So, packaging knowledge can be repeatedly used and multiple returns.

2. The error as a gift.

Learning method has a lot of kinds, listen to the teacher in class, read, or observing leadership colleagues expert at work. However there is a very good way to learn is to "mistakes" - by constantly work, constantly make mistakes to correct and improve themselves. Such as the emphasis in the lean just do it is rolled up his sleeves and deep into the first line, go to participate in the investment to make mistakes. Improve myself constantly and constantly learning new things.

3. To know when to stop.

In our daily work, hands will be at the same time there are a few things. So what we want to know when to stop. Not as arrogant, self centered, or worry about being laughed at to affect our judgment. If a task has been completed or cannot achieve our ultimate goal, it's time to stop to stop and focus on other work.

4. Learn to leverage.

Archimedes said, give me a fulcrum, I can pry up the earth. In the same way in daily work life we have many ways to make least input, the output is the largest. "Attention" is a good way to leverage, our time and energy resources efforts on important work. Of course there are other way, such as using the time of others. Often, please help as appropriate, not everything to yourself. Especially as a manager, you must learn to delegate. (authorized) learn to ask subordinates to help, please help other department colleagues, learn to use network in the world.

5. Reuse, recycle.

You do lots of things in it, not just the helpful in my work, can work in other projects also help. Or are helpful not only in the enterprise internal, enterprise external may also help. There is a way to recycle your results, is you of the successful experience and failure lessons, write it down. Write three papers every week, every 500 words, a year has the similar words. Through refining distillation, can completely into management practice guidelines. Or to other companies, other departments make an introduction. Please write down your wisdom lessons, to share with others.

6. Don't be busy and busy, to improve efficiency.

In the usual work and in life, your supervisor will not because you are very busy, will give you rewards. , almost all of the enterprise managers evaluate an employee depends mostly as a result, although some companies will also focus on process, but in the end is the result of the assessment. So can't to busy to busy, want to consider how to improve the efficiency of their work, how to do the right thing in right way. Lean has a lot of specific methods. One of the famous is the 80/20 principle. In daily work can be found that 80% of revenues and profits from 20% of customers; You use 80% of the money to purchase 20% of the goods, and so on. 80/20 principle are everywhere. We will keep looking for how to spend your time and money on 80% achievements events shortcuts. We often talk of hard work, but we also mentioned how smart work. How to use the lean approach to find the most direct and simple way. Because most companies are not perfect, regardless of the one hundred - year - old foreign companies and emerging growth of the corporation is, can we change the process, method or product and service. So we should learn to look for shortcuts seem more complex problems.

7. Measure progress by the results.

At work, we evaluate how much contribution to the enterprise and society were identified mainly results rather than look at how many things and they have a busy schedule. Evaluate the results of our input but not looking at our output, in this respect lean methods also have a lot of tools can be used.

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