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The classification of the space frame structure

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The  types of space frame structure, according to different criteria for classification.
A, according to the structure of the rack itself can be divided into: single space frame structure, double space frame structure; , three layer network frame. Among them, the single-layer network frame and the three layer network frame are applicable to span is small (no more than 30 m) and particularly large span (> 100 m), in engineering application of domestic rare.
Two, according to the material can be divided into: steel space frame, aluminum frame, wooden frame, plastic frame, the reinforced concrete frame and composite space truss (such as steel rack combined with the comprehensive effect of the reinforced concrete plate rack, etc.), in which steel space truss has been widely used in China, the combination of space truss structure can also be used as a floor layer.
, according to the bearing can be divided into three: bearing, four-point bearing, surrounding the edge of multi-point support, trilateral bearing, bearing and hybrid bearing form.
Four, according to the different ways, and the rack can be divided into four categories:
1, crossover network frame truss system;
2, three pyramid system rack;
Three or four pyramid system network frame;
4, and 6 pyramid space truss system.

The first 4 classification method which is the current domestic material of relatively popular a kind of classification method.

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