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HuaHai Steel Structure project of datang technology Thailand NPP5A power plant

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Thailand NPP5A1 x 98 mw turbo-generator set project is the first ship equipment arriving on August 2, 2013

Thailand laem chabang port, complete the customs clearance, and inland transportation to the site of the project

on August 4th, successfully passed the acceptance of owner, complete unloading, storage for the project smoothly

laid a solid foundation.

This batch of equipment with a "rich ocean 17" cargo ship on July 23, 2013 from the Shanghai port, mainly

includes: turbine room steel structure, driving turbine room, circulating water pump room lifting equipment,

electric butterfly valve, etc., total of about 1200 tons of cargo. Equipment from the production process

supervision, packaging equipment to equipment shipment are through strict supervision. On August 3, all the goods

to be completed before the import customs clearance formalities, the customs clearance. On August 4, all the goods

arrived after a road transport NPP5A the site of the project. Place specified warehousing of the goods packed in

wooden cases, steel structure neatly placed on equipment yards.
This batch of equipment arrived safely, to improve the site construction progress, ensure timely settlement of

exchange, promote Thailand NPP5A overseas supply project smoothly has positive significance.

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