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Key points of erection for space frame

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1. Grouping of workers
Two groups of workers for one shed. Each group is composed of 15 people including 5 for erecting above the shed while 10 for assemling and hoisting small unit on the groud. However, number of workers for each group could be increased to 20 as amout of work is large at beginning of erection.

2. Acceptance ofmembers
All material used in this project are transported in containers by sea and land.There is a packing list for every container,.The name ,the specification ,and the quantity of the members are recorded on the packing list.therefore,when the members are unloaded,check and count the members according to the packing list,and then examine and accept the members by acceptance standard.Members need to be handled with care,in order to avoid accidental damage.

 3. Erect the smooth nut
Fix the high strength bolt connectting with the bolt ball into the bars during the process of bar manufacturing.Pour out the high strength bolt and fix the sleeve and screw onto the bars after the bars are checked up.Don’t tighten the screw
overly,so that the sleeve could move freely

4. Countdown and relocating of bars and bolt balls
Because of the large quantity and the various category of the bolt ball and bars,erection will be difficult if starting without advanced relocating,and the efficiency of the erection will be accordingly affected.In order to utilize them efficiently,all the bars and bolt balls taken to the site must be relocated,counted and checked up thoroughly and clearly ,and stack separately,and mark distinctly according to its part to be used.

5. Pedestal Erection
After the foundation is accepted, set the cross curve, and then erect the pedestal. Position the pedestal strictly according to the cross curve, and join all the bars together into a shape of circle. Provided that bottom circle could be closed, there is still a need to postion accurately the reserved part, to ensure the pedestal evenly distribute around the circumference, altitude and chord length error must comply with design requirement. If the pedestal couldn’t fit the structural foundation closely, adjust by calculation, keeping the error within allowed limits. And then, fix it temporarily by electric welding along the four-sides of the pedestal.In order to prevent the second adjustment after fixing, weld for a length of 50mm on each side. Weld more to fix the pedestal until the upper circumference is completely closed
and error-free.

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