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The technical features of steel structure

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Xuzhou Huahai Steel Structure Co.,Ltd. is a high-tech company and  specialized architecture steel structure which provides full range of service from design, fabrication, construction, export service since 2004.The company covers a floor space of 40,000 square meter workshop with over 200 staff.

1. Anticorrosion technology

Steel structure surface without protection in the surrounding medium under the action of produce rust. Corrosion rate and the surrounding medium temperature, humidity and the content of harmful substances. Anticorrosion method, the most commonly used is to use paint protection; Also can use galvanized metal coating, such as protection; Or the chemical oxidation treatment method of protection, such as phosphating. Use the elements such as copper, chromium, nickel alloy steel corrosion resistance can be improved.

2. Fire prevention technology

Steel is nonflammable, but no fire. When the temperature over 300 ° C, the yield point, tensile strength and elastic modulus are began to drop significantly, almost to zero to 600 ° C. Common fire prevention measures is bread or brick masonry, concrete outside the steel structure can also be used in the component surface spraying a layer of vermiculite, asbestos cement or other material. When the surface of the steel structure long-term exposure to radiation more than 150 ° C, application of thermal insulation to protect it.

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