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Membrane structure

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Membrane structure


Membrane structure characteristics

1. Beautiful architectural modeling

Membrane structure is the 21st century the most representative and the architectural form of future. It breaks the pure linear model of architectural style, with its unique surface modeling beautiful, concise, lively, firm with soft, force and the perfect combination of beauty, give a person with the feeling that find everything new and fresh, at the same time gives architects more space imagination and creation.

Has a good environmental protection, pervious to light, from the clean, the surfaces of the membrane material PVDF (polyvinylidene fluoride) coating or coating of titanium dioxide, has good heat insulation effect, to the sun's heat reflection off 70%, the membrane material itself absorbed 17%, 13%, heat transfer and light transmittance over 20%, after 10 years of sun direct illuminate, its luminance can still retain 70%.


2. Cover large span space

Membranes used in membrane materials about one kilogram per square, due to the light dead weight, add wire, steel structure high strength material used, and the mechanical system and reasonable - force most to axial force transfer, thus make the membrane structure is suitable for across large space and form of open without large span column structure system.


3. The fire retardancy and shock resistance

Adopted by the membrane structure architecture membrane material has excellent flame retardant and high temperature resistance, so it can be a very good satisfies the requirement of fire protection. Due to the structure of light weight, and flexible structure and large deformation ability, so the seismic performance is good.


4. Short time limit: membrane material cutting. Split steel structure, wire forming and skeleton are processed in the factory, on-site assembly, convenient construction, so the construction period shorter than traditional architecture.



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